Get Glowing with Turmeric

Get Glowing with Turmeric

Turmeric has long been known for its antiseptic properties and has been used for healing purposes. The bright yellow powder is loaded with antioxidants and  antibacterial properties that help treat clogged pores and calm down the skin from within. Curcumin - the active ingredient present in turmeric - makes it a powerful tool in achieving healthy skin and for other beauty benefits.

Here are the benefits of using turmeric powder for your skin

  1. Turmeric for Acne : Acne is a difficult skin problem to deal with. But natural ingredients like turmeric can help keep acne and acne causing bacteria at bay. Due to the antibacterial properties found in turmeric, it can be effective in treating acne and  inflammation. It even works well on diminishing scars.
  2. Turmeric to decrease wrinkles - The antioxidants present in turmeric protect skin against free radical damage and hence reduce signs of aging making your skin look younger.
  3. Turmeric to Improve Skin Elasticity: Turmeric keeps the skin young and fresh. The antioxidants present in turmeric help to keep the skin elasticity intact by stimulating new cell growth.
  4. Turmeric to Lighten Pigmentation : Turmeric can hep with pigmentation and other skin discoloration. Apply a turmeric and cucumber juice face pack all over the face for 20 minutes. It works to even out skin tone.
  5. Turmeric as a  Natural Exfoliator : Turmeric works as a natural skin exfoliator that helps to remove the dead cells and impurities from the deepest layer of the skin. We recommend you to try Vya Naturals Turmeric Brightening Scrub which is loaded with powerful antioxidants which helps to renew dry and dead skin cells with a gentle exfoliation. Mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric scrub with yogurt to form a paste. This  face scrub helps to even out the skin tone and treats acne scars naturally.
  6. Turmeric as a Cleanser: The antiseptic properties of turmeric makes it an effective cleanser that works to improve skin complexion and imparts radiance.

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