Participant Release Terms & Conditions

By participating in any giveaway, video or image sharing with Vya Naturals through our website, via e-mail, through WhatsApp or any other means, you hereby agree to the below terms & conditions:
  1. I hereby give Brand Vya Naturals the permission to use, publish, my reviews, picture, portrait, video, voice and likeness, in whole or in part, together with or without written copy for advertising, publicity or trade purposes specified below.
  2. I hereby release and hold harmless Vya Naturals from any reasonable expectation of privacy or confidentiality associated with the details specified in point 1 above
  3. I hereby waive any and all rights to inspect and/or approve the final materials and/or advertising copy that may be used in connection therewith. Furthermore, I acknowledge that I have no rights to ownership of the finished materials and/or advertising copy and that the advertisement may be used by me solely for promotional materials in conjunction with Vya Naturals.
  4. I hereby release Vya Naturals and all persons acting under its permission or authority from any liability by virtue of any manipulation, blurring, computer imaging, and distortion, intentional or otherwise that may be affected in the completion of the finished product.
  5. In the event that statements or representations attributable to me about any client product or service are included in the materials produced hereunder, I hereby warrant and represent that such statements or representations accurately reflect my true and honest experience and/or belief about Vya Naturals product or service and agree to execute such additional documents confirming this that Vya Naturals may reasonably require.
    I further acknowledge that my participation is voluntary and agree that publication of said photos/videos confers no rights of ownership or royalties whatsoever.
  6. I acknowledge and agree that I will inform the company and give credit to Vya Naturals should I promote/use the pictures and video’s on my personal social media platforms or any other form of promotion either digital, electronic or print.
  7. It is understood that any materials placed from the shoot may remain on display as required and shall not give rise to a claim by me. I understand the Vya Naturals will hold pictures and videos in archives and can use pictures and videos as required from time to time.
  8. I hereby consent to the use by Vya Naturals of the materials produced hereunder on the website(s) and in portfolios and similar items for the purpose of promoting Vya Naturals and its advertising services. This consent shall be valid both during and after the term of usage set forth in this release agreement.