5 Tips For Glowing Skin - Wash Your Face The Right Way

5 Tips For Glowing Skin - Wash Your Face The Right Way

5 Tips For Glowing Skin - Wash Your Face The Right Way

Just washing the face is never enough!

Here are 5 things you need to keep in mind while washing your face starting from your face cleanser. Because as we often say - good skin starts with clean skin!

5 Tips For Glowing Skin - Wash Your Face The Right Way

Tip #1: Choose the right face cleanser for your skin type

A gentle, gel based face cleanser for oily and acne prone skin. A more moisturizing formula for dry to normal skin. If you have sensitive skin make sure to read the ingredients. Avoid products that contain formaldehyde or fragrances as these can further aggravate your skin. A gentle cleanser will normally have small bubbles, not foamy suds. If your cleanser starts to foam like shampoo, we would advise you to give it a miss in favor of something kinder to your skin!

We recommend Vya Naturals Vitamin C Facial Cleanser. It keeps the skin hydrated by using a combination of grapefruit oil and moisturizers to leave the face with a boost of hydration and a clean feel.

Vya Naturals Vitamin C Face Wash

Tip #2: Make sure you give your skin a really good cleanse at the end of the day

All the pollution and debris that accumulates during the daytime needs to come off. Night time is when your body and your skin regenerates itself. We recommend a double cleanse. Use a cleansing oil or any oil like coconut, olive or jojoba, depending on your skin type to remove the makeup and other dirt from the face. Take a few drops of oil in your palm and massage your face for 1-2 minutes. Use a wet cotton swab to remove the oil your skin. Then use a gentle cleanser to wash off any residual dirt. After all A clean skin perfectly absorbs all the serum and creams you add at night and you wake up in the morning ready to face yet another day.

We recommend using Vya Naturals Vitamin C Serum or Vya Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum to improve skin texture and brightness with intense moisture and balance.

Tip #3: Use the right tools to clean your face

The best tools are right in front of you i.e. your finger tips! Try to not use your entire hand especially the palms to wash your face. This causes your skin to be subjected to unnecessary pulling and stretching. Using your finger tips gives your face a gentle massage while also ensuring that all impurities are removed. For any product to have the desired effect we recommend that you gently massage the face wash for about 30 seconds. This will help the skin absorb active ingredients like turmeric, tea tree, etc and give you face a daily massage.

We recommend using Vya Naturals Anti-Acne Turmeric & Tea Tree Face Cleanser. It cleans skin, removes makeup and helps keep pores clear.

Vya Naturals Turmeric & Tea Tree Cleanser

Tip #4: Use the right water temperature

Wash your face with water that's not too warm to too cold. Luke warm, room temperature water is the best. Rinse thoroughly to ensure all traces of cleanser and dirt are removed from the skins surface and then gently pat dry the face.

Tip #5: Keep everything clean

And that means not just your skin! Wash your hands BEFORE you use them massage and and wash your face. Keep a separate towel with which to dry your face. It's generally not a good idea to use the family hand towel to wipe your face! This tends to attract bacteria thanks to it's multiple users. Learning how to properly wash your face should never be confusing. Follow these simple tips to wash your face and get glowing skin.

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Kavita Joshi Rai

Co-founder & Product Head at Vya Naturals, Kavita is a product development expert and self confessed skincare and beauty specialist. Her aim is to help consumers cut through the clutter of the retail world to find products that really work for them. In the past, Kavita has worked with brands like Nike, L'oreal, Kama, Kiehl's Clarins etc.

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