The Winter Skincare Routine You’ve Been Looking For

The Winter Skincare Routine You’ve Been Looking For

Has your skin been sending you signals that the weather has changed and that your skincare routine needs an update as well? In this blog we will cover some winter skincare essentials, how best to take care of your skin in winter as well as some winter skincare tips and products that should leave your skin feeling happy and well taken care of.


Along with dropping temperatures, winter weather also causes the overall humidity levels in the atmosphere to drop. While we bundle up in order to stay warm, our faces are exposed and the skin on our face faces the brunt of the cold weather and dry air.

The moisture barrier of the skin gets compromised leading to sensations of dryness, redness, tightness and itching. Your skin may start to feel more sensitive than usual.

If you work or sleep in an artificially warmed room this can also hurt your skin as central heating strips the natural moisture content from the air and causes your skin more grief. In extreme cases your skin starts to flake and look dull.

Alternating between the cold outside and warmer temperatures inside makes the blood capillaries contract and expand leading to unwelcome flushing and redness.

In most urban areas the arrival of winter also signals higher levels of pollution in the atmosphere. This in turn contributes to free radical damage and early signs of ageing.


Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your skin stays healthy and looks its best all through the trying winter months.


Make sure you keep track of your water intake levels and drink enough water. It is very easy to drink less water during the winter without realizing it. Update your skincare routine to make sure that your skin gets enough moisture since the ambient air will be dry. You can also consider investing in a humidifier if you are constantly in a heated indoor environment


Your skin is going to need all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you can give it. Eat sensibly and try to balance out your holiday overindulgence with exercise and healthy food. At the same time make sure your skin gets it share of essential ingredients like Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide (Vit B3), Turmeric etc


Exfoliation rids the surface of the skin of dead skin cells and helps your skin better absorb all the nutrition you apply to it in the form of serums, moisturizers or facial oils.


Just as we adapt our diet, clothing and overall lifestyle when the weather changes, we need to do the same with our skincare routines.

The general rule of thumb would be to switch over to gentler cleansers than you would normally use in the warmer months and to either use a slightly heavier moisturizer or to follow a skin layering technique that keeps your skin more protected.

Alcohol based toners or other skin care products using drying alcohols should not have a place in your beauty cabinet, and especially so in the winter.


If your laps are feeling dry and chapped this is a clear sign of moisture loss - both internal and external. Ensure your liquid intake is 10-12 glasses of water a day. Gently exfoliate the skin of your lips and apply a generous amount of protective lip balm to keep them hydrated.

Take care of your hand & lips

Your hands should also get the same care. A gentle exfoliation once a week in the shower will remove dead skin cells from the surface. Keep a lotion handy and generously reapply, taking care to massage it into your knuckles and cuticles.


It is tempting to skip applying SPF when the sun seems so mild. UVA rays are present throughout the year and can cause considerable damage as they penetrate deeper into the skin. These are the rays that contribute to photo ageing, sun damage and premature skin ageing.


Skincare tips for oily skin:

Winter is probably a happy time for you. Cooler weather helps control excess sebum and acne breakouts are less common in the winter months.

  • Depending on the severity of the winter where you live you might find yourself reaching for a slightly richer moisturizer.
  • If your toner contains alcohol or salicylic acid consider switching to a floral water during cold weather.
  • Keeping your skin hydrated is important because oily skin can also become dehydrated. And dehydrated skin tends to produce more oil as compensation.
  • HYALURONIC ACID or VITAMIN B3/ NIACINAMIDE are a good way to boost moisture levels and to strengthen its natural barrier.

Skincare tips for normal skin:

Listen to what your skin is trying to tell you. Normal skin is happy skin and poses minimal concerns. However dry winter air can cause your normal skin to feel a little tight and stretched.

  • Switch to a gentle non foaming cleanser with antioxidants like VITAMIN C
  • Add a hydrating serum with HYALURONIC ACID to your skincare routine

Skincare tips for dry skin:

It suffers the most in the winter - sensitivity, redness and irritation are commonplace if the right steps are not taken to safeguard your skin.

  • Emollients and humectants are your skin’s best friends during winter months. Emollients form a protective barrier between your skin and the environment while humectants keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. Look for ingredients like GLYCERINE, ALOE VERA, NIACINAMIDE, HYALURONIC ACID in your skincare.
  • Massage your skin well while applying your daily moisturizer. It will not only help your skin better absorb the product but will also increase the microcirculation of blood helping your skin look fresh and radiant.
  • Facial oils patted into the skin as a last step in your nighttime skincare routine will protect your skin from moisture loss.


Vya Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Vya Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum

India’s first and best selling hyaluronic acid serum helps your skin become more efficient in absorbing and retaining moisture.

Pro tip: apply on slightly damp skin. Follow up with moisturizer. Contains antioxidants like vitamin C and skin loving ingredients like aloe vera and jojoba.

Vya Naturals Niacinamide Serum

Vya Naturals Niacinamide Serum

This serum has 5% Niacinamide. Niacinamide is vitamin B3, an ingredient that strengthens your skin’s natural barrier. This helps your skin retain its natural moisture levels and it helps renew and restore the surface of skin against moisture loss and dehydration by helping skin improve its natural production of skin-strengthening ceramides.

Vya Naturals Peptide Moisturizer

Vya Naturals Peptide Moisturizer

A rejuvenating collagen boosting multi peptide moisturizer with goodness of Purslane extract that helps restores youthfulness, stimulates cell repair, resulting in younger, firmer and clear skin.



Winter can be tough on your skin but it doesn't have to be. Tweaking your existing skincare routine, feeding your skin with the right ingredients and making slight lifestyle changes is all that is needed to keep your skin comfortable and happy all winter long.

Got any more questions about Winter Skincare? Ask us in the comments below!

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